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Starts: 06 May, 2015
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A1 Spanish language for foreigners – (SLF) according to the criteria of the common European framework of reference for languages

A1 Spanish language for foreigners (SLF) followes the content established by the Cervantes Institute. At this level you will have the ability  to communicate in a simple way using present and past sentences, the future with “ir + infinitive”, provide basic information and manage in practical situations.

Possibility of issuance of diploma upon request.

We will learn the following features:


Introduce yourself (nationality)

Describing someone or something (comparisons, adjectives)

Daily actions (present and differences between “ser” and “estar”)

Asking for and giving instructions (affirmative imperatives)

Refer to the past (preterite and imperfect)

Expressing plans (ir + infinitive)

At this level a great emphasis on vocabulary is made. About 1,000 words is acquired. You will be able to manage in situations related to the family, work, home, food, shopping and health.

With high cultural content.

Methodology: Based on communication, entertainment and interaction. Experiences and difficulties are shared provoking emotions, key to generate correct learning.

With the networking, we get familiar with the student: their tastes, needs, etc.; relevant information to customise and optimise the course. It works with the reality of each student.

A1 Spanish