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Starts: 12 May, 2015
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Instructors: Online communication
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Online communication for Spanish students who engage in online comunication in Spanish.


  • Presentation and networking.
  • What should we consider before writing a post?
  • How to write content in the Spanish language; specific language in sentences and common expressions.
  • The perfect post.
  • What social media to use and how to use them.
  • How to write content in the Spanish language; specific grammar and common expressions.
  • Create a social media editorial plan.
  • Space for creativity and examples.


Based on communication, entertainment and interaction among the students. Experiences and difficulties are shared provoking emotions: key to generate correct learning.

With the networking, we get familiar with the student: their tastes, needs, etc.; relevant information to customise and optimise the course. It works with the abilities of each student.

A minimum level B1 is required.

online communication