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Starts: 12 May, 2015
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B2 Spanish language for foreigners (SLF) according to the criteria of the common European framework of reference for languages

Preparation of the B2 Spanish language level following the content established by the Cervantes Institute.

In the B2 level we can provide detailed information on general topics, and express ourselves fluently. We are able to hold a conversation in different situations.


  • Ask for and give advice: (use simple conditional “if I were you”). Use of group dynamic techniques.
  • Transmit told by others (indirect style, gerund periphrasis, past, stop + infinitive). Narrating the breaking news.
  • Expressing opinions (typed words “I love, it strikes me” verbs of opinion, how / when / where + infinitive, conditional constructions) and argue (discursive connectors on + pronoun “it” comparisons “what more” and superlative, impersonal constructions,” provided that” + subjunctive). Making gatherings on current issues.
  • Describe the life of a place, performance, tradition and social behaviour (use of ser / estar + adjective / adverb discursive connectors, comparative, verbs of opinion, expressions of opinion, impersonal constructions, and temporary markers). Debate on culture and traditional activities undertaken.
  • Narrate past events (use of past tenses of the indicative, temporary markers). Employment of group dynamics techniques.
  • Making appointments and give the choice to the caller (conditional constructactions, present subjunctive “what”). We use group dynamic techniques.

With high cultural content.


Based on communication, entertainment and interaction among the students. Experiences and difficulties are shared provoking emotions; key to generate correct learning.

With the networking, we get familiar with the student: their tastes, needs, etc.; relevant information to customise and optimise the course. It works with the abilities of each student.

B2 Spanish