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Starts: 12 May, 2015
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C1 Spanish language for foreigners – SLF according to the criteria of the common European framework for languages

We prepare the C1 Spanish language for foreigners  according to the content established by the Cervantes Institute. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to discuss different points of view; to debate; to use expressions. There is no difficulty in reading texts.


  • Physical and personality (vocabulary of body and personality, prefixes and suffixes, nouns) Description. Using group dynamic techniques.
  • Storytelling (use of temporal markers, verb phrases, past, etc.) about news or personal events.
  • Define (use of the indicative and subjunctive sentences for ending, manners and temporary sentences). Use of group dynamics techniques.
  • Give instructions (using the Imperative). Different exercises.
  • Give and ask opinions, advise, persuade (conditional and subjunctive to express opinion, desires, etc). Debate about a current topic.
  • Expressing doubt (use of the present indicative). Training.


Based on communication, entertainment and interaction among the students.  Experiences and difficulties are shared provoking emotions; key to generate correct learning.

With the networking, we get familiar with the student: their tastes, needs, etc.; relevant information to customise and optimise the course. It works with the abilities of each student.

C1 Spanish