Language Immersion

In order to get your Language Immersion in the Spanish language, the school has developed some programmes which combine tourist experiences with teaching classes, that will allow you to learn Spanish simultaneously as you learn about our culture, our people, and our nature.

The teaching classes may cover different topics:

language immersion

The experiences are based on tours, activities and workshops. We want to provoke emotions in you to further help your learning and understanding of the language acquisition.

language immersion

language immersion

Language immersion

As you can see, Turilang aims to turn the Costa del Sol and Sierra de las Nieves, into a global language training campus, based on your linguistic and cultural immersion.

A quality and innovative proposal; different to other schools and existing linguistic programmes, our mission is not teaching, but learning — learning to ‘do’ through the experience. The most valuable and long-lasting attribute is the one that makes the person, from their own experiences.

We want you to know the essence of our culture and find fantastic places while you are learning Spanish.

We also organise everything for you, so you do not have to worry about anything — accommodation, restaurants, guided tours and workshops are all taken care of by us.


Never before has it been so easy and fun to learn a language!