Teaching Methodology

For our dynamic and innovative programmes, we use a group, fun and the 4Cs Teaching Methodology.

  • Dynamic and innovative because the surprise factor is present in all courses. The networking provides information from the student, so we can tailor the course to their needs.
  • The group shares experiences, challenges and resources, which are of great value and would be impossible to generate alone.
  • Fun, as different group dynamic techniques are used in order to provoke emotions and experiences — the key factor for learning.
  • Based on the 4C words — Communication, Culture, Content and Knowledge.

Because we believe that:

  • Communication and fluency is more important than accuracy, and errors are necessary for proper learning.
  • Normal situations from real life and the knowledge of the culture are the basis for natural language acquisition.
  • The content should fit with the chosen programme.
  • And the cognition of what is achieved through learning and experiences.


Once joined, we develop the perfect cocktail, ensuring that your programme meets all your expectations!

Our Commitment

Teaching Methodology

Our mission is not only for you to learn Spanish, but also to:

  • Develop your potential; take all your resources and capabilities.
  • Improve your self-confidence, thereby increasing motivation and desire to learn.
  • Stimulate the fun, assimilating assimilate knowledge through teaching & satisfying experiences.
  • Encourage your communication in Spanish — essential to facilitate personal and professional development.
  • Strengthen a proactive attitude and initiative, in order to make classes fun and dynamic — the most efficient method of teaching.