Rocío Gómez

teaching staff

The leading person in Turilang has professionalism, creativity and passion in everything she does. She likes things well done. She’s very oriented to student satisfaction, and responsible for creating the perfect experience for each group, with qualified and strong business skills in Marketing, HR, finance, business and academics. She strives to make your stay with Turilang a unique and unrepeatable experience; she speaks English, German, French and Spanish.  

Teaching Staff

teaching staffAll teachers who will attend in your stay have the title of Professor of Spanish for Foreigners (ELE), with methodological training and they also have extensive teaching experience. Also passionate about teaching, they are proactive, enthusiastic, funny, empathetic and with social skills. They are responsible for optimizing your learning in the Spanish language. They speak English.

Tour Guides

teaching staffOur guides have the title of ‘Tourist Guide,’ and they also have vast experience. They know the Costa del Sol and Sierra de las Nieves incredibly well, ensuring you get all our culture and folklore. They love to share what they know; they are enthusiastic, funny, outgoing and flexible. They are responsible for conducting the tours and to implement what you have learned in the teaching classes, etc. They speak English.

Our entire team of teachers and tour guides are known for their creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism. They hold over 10 years experience in business and in teaching.

We love the job well done and try to completely customize the courses for higher learning performance.

Our mission is to offer a vanguard teaching programme that meets your expectations while you learn the Spanish language.