Vivir Semana Santa en Málaga

One of the major festivals of Málaga and certainly the most traditional is the Holy Week. With Turilang you will be able living holy week Malaga in a different way. This year takes place between March 29 (Palm Sunday) and April 5 (Easter Sunday).

In Holy Week processions there is a mixture of celebration, curiosity, folklore and devotion, which excites not only natives but also foreigners. We live the Holy Week differently compared to other cities in Spain. No silence rules but the bustle and joy.

During the Holy Week thrones go over the streets of Malaga, perfectly preserved thanks to maintenance work and ongoing maintenance of Brotherhoods. In each parade procession are usually two thrones (Christ and Virgin) and are often accompanied by penitents carrying candles or appliances.

Living holy week malagaThese images, the Nazarenes, the music of the orchestra and “saetas”, military parades with their processional marches, the aromas of flowers and incense, get you moving to the last days of life and resurrection of Jesus, bringing the religious significance to believers and atheists or agnostics.

Much controversy has raised a few days ago the reminder of the rules of tradition by the brotherhood of Semana Santa de Alicante, being very well received by the more traditional public and challenged by the younger and liberal sector:

– Mantilla: held behind with a discreet brooch
– Earrings: old gold or pearls
– Collar: Medal, cross or discreet pearls
– Dress with box or boat neck and long or French sleeves and knees are not visible
– Thin tights  and not bushy
– Black shoes and Mid Heel

Because there are numerous processions during Holy Week, our recommendation would be to visit one of the followings:

• Easter Monday (in the Alameda about 19:45). The procession of “María Santísima de la O” who wears proudly  her red cloak.
• Easter Monday (in Alameda at 23.10). Procession with the image of “Nuestro Padre Jesús Cautivo“, one of the most revered being accompanied by over 25,000 people.
• Holy Tuesday (in Alameda at 19:20). The procession with the statue of “Virgen de las Penas”  being very curious because every year the municipal gardeners weave their mantle of white flowers with daisies, carnations, etc.
• Holy Thursday (in Alameda at 20:35). Brotherhood of “Cristo de la Buena Muerte” by Pedro de Mena (Spanish Baroque sculptor) or Legionnaires. This Christ is the patron of legionnaires. During the procession Legionnaires shoulders bring the Christ of Mena to 180 steps per minute from the port of Malaga.

Vivir Semana Santa en Málaga

For more information you can contact with the Brotherhood of  Málaga and if you want to live with us, contact us:

costa programme

 If you want to learn the Holy Week  vocabulary, please read this time the text in Spanish.

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