Spanish Marbella

The Costa Spanish programme will fit all those who want to learn Spanish Marbella and also love the beach and prefer a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

We’ll get to learn Spanish, through the living of experiences and reinforced with teaching classes.

The teaching classes will refer to Spanish courses or Spanish intensive courses.

We will use the living of experiences, to experiment with the language and grammar that we have learned during the school classes. These experiences can be divided into:

Spanish Marbella

Spanish Marbella


Spanish Marbella

The Costa programme has a duration of 2 or 4 weeks.  Include experiences will depend on the duration of the programme:

2 weeks programme4 weeks programme
5 excursions8 excursions
2 activities4 activities
2 workshops4 workshops

A flexible programme where you can modify tours, activities and workshops with others with same prices upon request and subject to availability.

If you choose accommodation your stay will be in an urban *** charming hotel, located in Marbella.

If you choose meals, that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At the end of the stay an achievement diploma will be delivered.

costa programme