Testimonials  after living experiences, doing courses or programmes in Spanish

ANNIKA DÖRNTE from Germany – University student

“Buenos días,  I’ve just had two weeks of holidays here at the Costa del Sol with Turilang. Besides this beautiful nature and wonderful adventures you are going to have, you can learn a little bit of Spanish, so next time I will definitely come back for a little bit longer to see this beautiful landscapes  again and pick up a little bit more of the Spanish language, but at Turilang it’s going to be an amazing adventure.”


WOLFGANG ECKMAN from Germany – Reception manager

“I liked it very much. Incredible team with great vocation in teaching Spanish. I had so much fun and I also found it quite easy to learn Spanish. I have also visited many places so I would really recommend everyone to do it. Fantastic!”

testimonio.mp4 from Turilang on Vimeo.

REMY SMITH from Canada – Business woman

“I learned a little Spanish on this experience; the teachers were fantastic. I had so much fun and I would also like to perform another programme to learn completely Spanish”

testimonioremy.mp4 from Turilang on Vimeo.