Visit the wine museum in Ronda and practice Spanish

This week we made a trip to Ronda and the group of Spanish students were very impressed with the wine Museum, that is why we took the decision to write this post.

It is a very friendly place that loves to foreigners, since as they have said “no similar buildings can be seen it out of Spain“, referring to the decoration of the patio with mantillas, posters of bullfights, etc. .

Wine Museum in Ronda

It has a courtyard, an open space, which in fact is a fantastic place to learn and practice Spanish while different types of wine are tasting and you take a snack. Learn about the world of wine, verb forms and others, according to the level of Spanish of the group in a fun and relaxed way.

In the museum of wine its origins will be explained, also the process of winemaking, we visit the old cellar, etc.

Museo del vino Ronda

An activity very pleasant is tasting several wines of the area through their sources of wine, choosing among several white and red wines. You will be even able to do a basic understanding of wine tasting if desired.

Wine Museum in Ronda

On the first floor you can enjoy a small museum with several posters of bullfighting, Goya costumes, photos of bullfighters, tools, etc.

museo de vino Ronda

After the tour, we will sit in one of the barrels to talk in Spanish with a Spanish teacher while tasting a glass of wine from one source. A very  pleasant and unforgettable activity

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