Wine tasting workshop while learning Spanish: visit the vineyard, winey and tasting of local wines

Wine tasting workshop

The Wine Tasting workshop will be conducted in two ways:

– Through an experienced Sommelier. The sommelier will make us an introduction to the wines as well as explain their qualities.

He will explain us the different phases in a wine tasting: visual, smelling and gustatory.

He then proceeds to tasting through a game. The Sommelier having removed the labels on the bottles, will ask you to guess what kind of wine is.

– Going to a former winery, steeped in history, where we will taste different wines from the area of Ronda through a fountain of Wine.

In every workshop teaching material will be delivered, so you can put into practice what you have learned during this workshop.

This workshop is present in Marbella, Málaga and Monda.

Learn Spanish while doing the wine tasting workshop!